On April 7th at 7 and 9 pm in Lviv Art Palace there’ll be a screening of short films of mysterious and energetic Ireland. The program is complete.

AN ODE TO LOVE 7` Matthew Darragh 2014

A lonely man on a desert island explores the highs and lows of romantic love when a mysterious companion is washed ashore. Nothing will ever be the same. Or will it?

ARDOYNE 5′ Philip Clayton-Smith 2014

I want to reinvent how documentaries are watched! Thousands of short films are watched by few people beyond film festivals, mine included. The most watched videos today are Music Videos. So, I took a political event and put it to music with lyrics.

BREATHE 15` James Doherty 2015

Patrick, a bare-knuckle fighting Traveller, becomes increasingly concerned with his young son Francie’s femininity. Does he have the capacity to change and accept him?

CUTTING GRASS 13′ John Kennedy, Ruairí O’Brien 2014

It’s a hot summer and a young inner-city boy, Donal, is trying his hand at cutting lawns for pocket money. His luck starts to change when he meets Gerry.

MORE THAN GOD 9` Kev Cahill 2015

A short comedy, set in modern Ireland, that follows the attempts of a religious man to uncover his wife’s suspected affair. But instead, he is confronted by the rigidity of his religion, the boundaries of his love for his daughter, and his obligation to resuscitate her lover’s husband.

RACHEL COMING HOME 8` Sophia Tamburrini 2015

Rachel returns home for the funeral of her estranged mother.

POCKETS 12′ Lochlainn Mckenna 2015

Two strangers meet on a rural bench in the early hours of a Tuesday morning. Both with their independent secrets.

THEY SHOOT PEOPLE 9` Mark C. Noonan 2015

Twelve-year-old Jane has always been good with guns. When she gets a chance to prove it, her life is changed forever.

HOW WAS YOUR DAY? 14′ Damien O’Donnell 2015

A woman is excited about the approaching birth of her first child.

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