Iceland in Lviv and Kyiv

Modern shorts from the country of volcanos on March 15th at 7 and 9 p.m in Lviv Art Palace.

We are thankfull to Christof Wehmeier from Icelandic Film Center for sending the films and partnership support! Watch flesh-mob of Icelandic Shorts.



THANKS 12′ by Benedikt Erlingsson 2007
Gunna is driving a lonely mountain road when she suddenly runs out of gas. Luckily she sees a car parked a little further by the roadside. Clueless, she doesn´t notice that Jon, the driver, is planning a suicide, but asks him for help. Their acquaintance leads to a new turn of events.


COMMITED 19′ by Ísold Uggadóttir 2010
Conquering insecurity is easier said than done. Icelanders Eva and Vidar find out the hard way, as they take their relationship to the next level.


EPIC FAIL 13′ by Ragnar Agnarsson 2009

A timid soundman is forced to rely on the kindness of a perfect stranger to retrieve his stolen sound equipment.


HOTEL EARTH 10′ by Baldvin Z 2008
Three children take their grandfather to the graveyard to visit their dead grandmother. When they find out that grandfather is tired of living and is actually waiting to die the children get confused, especially the youngest one. Grandfather has to find a way to explain to her that death is not the worst thing in the world, which starts a chain of bizarre events.


UTOPIA 13′ by Lars Emil Árnason 2010

A student in politics, Jón, is covering for his friend from school as an assistant in the kitchen of a remotely situated home for the disabled for one weekend. Strange working procedures at the home come to Jón´s attention. Disputes seem to be resolved by a secret voting and Jón thinks democracy is threatened. But all is not what it seems.


2 BIRDS 15’ by Rúnar Rúnarsson 2008
A group of young teenagers on a journey from innocence to the stark reality of adulthood.


Duration – 85 min.

15 of March, 19:00 and 21:00, Lviv Art Palace, Kopernyka, 17
Tel. 063561722
skype – wiz-art-skype


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