April 11 at 7 and 9 p.m the screening “Holland – short films from windmill’s country” will be presented in Lviv Art Palace. 11 shorts, free as the wind  – right out of the country, which is so often associated with tolerance and absolute freedom. Watch teaser.

Dutch filmmakers and scriptwriters will tell about the stunning and unexpected experiences of their characters: the first massage, trying to get pregnant, turning points in friendship, the birth of love in extreme conditions, mental unity with Charles Bukowski and the secret life of tape, audio guide, cats’ thief and busy business woman.

Wind of change is coming this Thursday. Do not miss the witty, dynamic and ironic short films from the country of windmills.

Programme of the evening

SEVILLA 11’ Bram Schouw 2012

Three youngsters make a road trip to Seville that will change their lives forever.

ONE MOMENT PLEASE…6’ Maarten Koopman 2011

A man becomes impatient when losing his way in the phone menu of a company.

SMALL 6’ Sanne Vogel 2011

Noortje(12) experiences her first massage ever.

TAPE GENERATIONS 3’ Johan Rijpma 2011

The secret life of tape.

AUDIOTOUR 4’ Stephane Kaas 2010

An audio guide starts to lead its own life.

BUKOWSKI 9’ Daan Bakker 2010

A 12-year old boy claims to be Charles Bukowski.

THE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE 4’ Danne Bekker  2010

A grandfather gets the surprise of a lifetime on his birthday.

CAT AND MICE 9’ Nova von Dijk 2010

Jonas makes a living by kidnapping cats and returning them for the reward money.


A very infertile husband is very desperate to have a baby, with a happy ending!

SOBER UP 10’ Joris van den Berg 2012

After Iris and Sven fall for each other over an evening, a sobering 10-minute cycle ride home diminishes their chances of a successful one-night stand.

BROKEN MOON 11’ Arno Dierickx 2010

A father and his 6-old son discover there is a lot to be repaired on the moon.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL 4′ Jeroen Berkvens & Mark de Cloe 2011

Love comes by looking.

MAN IN SUIT 10’ Anna van der Heide 2012

Working mother deals with her problems at the fun fair.


Total duration – 94 min.


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