‘Grace’ at OIFF-2017

We are happy to announce that short film by Zhanna Ozirna ‘Grace’ produced by our art formation is one of 17 short films to be included in National competition of Odesa International Film Festival 2017!

by Zhanna Ozirna
Ukraine / 2017 / 21 min.

A young girl is looking for a change. But the old winter city can only offer the divine.

Casting – Lilia Zagaynyach, July Tkachenko, Lyudmyla Petrulenkova.
Producer – Olha Reiter
Screenwriter – Zhanna Ozirna 
Cameraman – Dmytro Myslinchuk
Sound – Andriy Tkachuk
Music – Andriy Franzen

A shooting of the ‘Grace’ took place in December 2016 року in Lviv will all-only-Lviv crew involved. Total budget of the film is 65k UAH.

grace ozirna still 2

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