Very German Shorts

May 28 at 19:00 and 21:00 in Lviv Palace of Arts a screening from the country of law and order – Very German Shorts. Country of pragmatic pedants will open for the viewers from the other side: resistance of present and past, experimentalists and traditionalists, online and offline, plebeians and their vassals. Gamers, pensioners, passersby on the streets of Berlin, families, hungry photomodels, Batmen at checkpoints – about all of this will be told during the screening of newest German shorts. Watch teaser.


LIQUIDATION 17’ Matthias Zuder 2012

Max is on the road with his pregnant girlfriend Lina. He suddenly gets a call from his grandfather who wants to meet with him shortly before he will be taken away. At the grandfather’s home he offers Max and inheritance that blasts apart any nation or ‘family’.

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY 10′ Fabian Giessler 2012

Two old men share a hospital room, in which the window is the only connection to the outside world and thus becomes a highly demanded resource. The short film “Double Occupancy” is a dark parable about the greed of man – an animated, psychological intimate play about the power of imagination and illusion.

SIBLINGS 8’ Joya Thome 2011

An emotional family drama emerges at the dinner table. Dad has something to say and things will never be the same. The tense conversation is intercut with flashbacks of beautiful grainy super 8 footage, showing the joyful bond between three siblings as they contemplate the life that was, is, and will be.

NEW CLOSENESS 5’ Sonja Vukovic, Christian Stahl 2011

It’s all about a new closeness. We will find each other.

OH SHEEP! 8’ Gottfried Mentor 2012

A tragicomedy which reminds us that we are all of one flock.

STILL GOT LIVES 22’ Jan-Gerrit Seyler 2012

Marco and Lisa are in love. Online, they fight side by side against dreadful monsters. However Lisa refuses to meet Marco in a real life. When one day she stops showing up for the game, Marco decides to go searching for her. He finds a new world. And learns real dread.

EAT 7’ Moritz Kramer 2012

A photo shoot. Helen the model is nervous. Back in her changing room she makes a surprising discovery: everything around her is edible – the chair, the TV,  the walls.

BATMAN AT THE CHECKPOINT 10’ Balulu Rafael 2012

An Israeli car and a Palestinian car are stuck in traffic in front of a barricade at the entrance of Jerusalem. Yuval and Mahmoud, two six-year-old boys, find that it’s much more fun to pass time playing together. But when Mahmoud’s father tries to cut into the other lane, Yuval’s father bumps into his car and things get complicated.

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