On December 13 at 8 pm at Kinopanorama cinema (Kyiv) art collective Wiz-Art will screen resent the newest selection of French short films without stereotypes and patterns. Directors of the selected short films deliberately avoided typical French sсenarios – in return irony on themselves, sometimes revealing something truly personal and secret.

7 short films will immerse the viewer into the world of family closeness / “Three” by Vanessa Clement / amazing facts about first moments of acquaintance / “Comme 3 Pommes” by Fabrice Robin / tells more about female relationships/ “Just Friends” by Cary Cremidas / impressions of extreme love / “Stockholm syndrome” by David Mabille /. First in Ukraine Wiz-Art will show a short film “Who are the superheroes?” directed by Cisko K., where children’s fantasies are mixed with modern realities and bring lots of frustration and surprise.
Sensual, deep, full of reflection… but not without a sense of humor and self-irony – such French films will face our Lviv audiences. Watch teaser of the screening.

THREE 9′ Vanessa Clement 2011
During the moment of intimacy, a couple slowly reveals its mysteries, paints, and traps.

COMME 3 POMMES 11′ Fabrice Robin 2012
When a man and a woman meet, it seems that everything is played in 7 seconds.

VACANCES 16′ Frederic Doll 2012
The weather is nice and hot, everybody is leaving for summer vacation. Nine-year-old Leo is alone with his father. His mother just passed away. He does not know what he will do. Not tomorrow, nor later.

IN THE FRAME 14’ Philippe Lasry 2010
Karine, actress, goes for a casting, something she has not done for a long time. During the scene, she has to cry. But in certain cases, to cry can become a torture.

Melvin is a boy of twelve years. He cherishes a collection of old American comics inherited from his father. Around these comics, he has developed an imaginary based on admiration for his father and superheroes.

JUST FRIENDS 13′ Cary Cremidas  2007
Comedy about three friends whose simple curiosity about a fourth turns an ordinary day in Paris into a day of headaches, misunderstandings and jealousy.

STOCKHOLM SYNDROM 13′ David Mabille 2008
It’s not that easy to win back a girl that had dumped you…The first time Anna left me, I managed to do so though. It didn’t last for long she dumped me once again! So I made inquiries… I even made some research… And eventually, I got an idea…

duration 87 minutes

original sound with Ukrainian and English subtitles

Wiz-Art – earth-shaking films only!

Kinopanorama cinema, 19, Rystaveli Str.
enter – 20 UAH

contact, 098 97 66 941

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