On December 10th at Lviv Art Palace at 7 & 9 pm we will present the selection of the newest French short films.

Buy tickets online or go to anticafe CoMMuna (Halytska str.1)

BY MUTUAL AGREEMENT 12` Remy Cayuela France 2015

In the darkness of their living room Guillaume and Caroline are fighting for their common goods, splitting them with a dice game. All their goods… Including their ultimate one: their”flesh and blood”. That’s precisely when they realize that the birth of their son is the reason why their relationship is broken. So they decide to fix it…

AЇSSA 8` Clément Tréhin-Lalanne France 2015

Aïssa is Congolese. She is in an illegal immigrant in France. She says that she is under eighteen, but the authorities consider her as an adult. To determine if she can be deported, a doctor is going to examine her anatomy.

JONATHANS CHEST 15` Christopher Radcliff USA, France 2014

Everything changes one night for Alex, a troubled teenager, when he is visited by a boy claiming to be his brother — who disappeared years earlier.

5 METRES 80 5` Nicolas Deveaux France 2013

The sequel movie about an elephant on a trampoline… This time – of giraffes in the pool!

I’LL BE BACK IN A FEW DAYS 8` Loïc Espuche, Sophie Devautour, Alizée Cholat France 2014

A friend calls me: “My Grandpa just passed away. The last time I saw him, was with you.”

SHUNPO 5` Steven Briand France 2013

What if we could escape our daily routine for a moment ? A Step, just one, that could move us miles away from here, in a second; a flash step. A Shunpo.

BEACH BOYS 16` Jérémie Sein France 2015

Alex and Nico went surfing. Everything would have been perfect if there wasn’t this huge dead shark stranded on the beach…

TRUANT 23` Scott Noblet France 2015

At the end of the school year, Hichem convinces Jules to cut class and go to a fairground in a small neighboring town. Léo invites himself along.

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