Courts Métrages 2013

On November 22 we’ll watch the selection of French short films.


NEITHER YES 12’ Jean-Francois Fontanel France 2012

In a world which almost looks like ours, a man wakes up one morning with the strange feeling that there’s something missing – a word, or even several words.

LES LEZARDS 14′ Vincent Mariette France 2012

Léon and his pal Bruno are in a Turkish bathhouse where Léon had arranged to meet a girl he met on the internet.

ANGELIQUE’S DAY FOR NIGHT 7′ Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet, Joris Clerte France 2013

She saw François Truffaut’s La nuit Américaine / Day For Night. It would have taken some years to the young woman, to understand that cinéma doesn’t resolve all issues even if it opens to huge pleasure of freedom.

BURNERS 15’ Farid Bentoumi France 2012

Departing Oran with his new camcorder in hand, Amine, a young Algerian, tracks his and his friends’ boat journey across the Mediterranean.

BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE 10’ Cyril Battarel France 2012

Three men are locked up in a cell, waiting for their execution. A priest arrives and offers to hear their confessions. But they will quickly discover the true motive for his visit. Maybe he brings a little hope – at least for two of the three men!

TO REMAIN SILENT 15′ Tanchrede Devolve France 2012

Every evening, Souleymane, an immigrant without papers, cleans a company office. But this time he sees something that puts him in a very difficult situation.

HELMUT 8′ Turpin Eric, Turpin Rose France 2012

Mother and daughter walk in a medieval landscape. To the reports of romantic fantasies of her mother’s adolescence, the daughter responds with deep annoyance.

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