Britain 2013

May 16 at 19:00 and 21:00 @ Lviv Palace of Arts a screening of British short films will take place. Watch Teaser.

Nine short films will show viewers possible ways of (self)contemplation through desperate struggle with the system, through a desire to restore the old and start new relationships, through romantic troubles, discover the true face behind the mask of superheroes, and force to drown in a sea of laughter from the bizarre situations.
Ironic, intelligent and witty shorts – the award winners of many British and international festivals.


FLIGHT OF THE POMPADOUR 8′ Karan Kandhari 2012
He has prepared everything so well: his loafers are polished, his hair has been thoroughly back-combed, his quiff meticulously arranged. And yet, something is not quite right. As he enters the Rockabilly Club in slow motion, everyone gives him a deadpan stare.

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON 12′ Martin Rath 2009

Andrzej receives a parcel with tape recordings made by his father, a man he never knew. Listening back to his father’s reflections, Andrzej gains a new understanding of his life and himself.

EKKI MUKK 11′ Nick Abrahams 2012

A man and a snail try to find their way home, through the magical British countryside, featuring Aidan Gillen and Shirley Collins. This is a short film made as part of the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, where Sigur Ros have a selection of artists and filmmakers the same very modest budget and allowed them to make whatever they want. I wanted to make this!

SPECIAL DELIVERY 5′ Graham Lester George 2012

A comedy short about a postman (mailman) who smokes on his round.

HOLD ON ME 17′ Samuel Abrahams 2011

The story of a relationship, from that first rush of recognition when bf/gf status is established, through blossoming romantic adventure, to moving in together and all that goes with it… this engaging story traces the rocky road of romance between two young lovers in contemporary London.

BIN DAY 1′ Joe Banfi 2010

An extra 10 minutes in bed is never disastrous, except for on bin day – where you may get a bit more of a wake up call than you would expect!

OFFICE ORPHAN 5′ David Lilley 2011

In todays economic climate, working late and cutbacks are part of normal life. Two executives are feeling the pinch and whilst working late it becomes clear just how far those cutbacks have gone. Loonatik and Drinks present The Office Orphan, a funny and satirical take on the recession and the lengths that some businessmen will go to in order to save money.

WALK OR FLY 10′ Jaspar Warry 2012

After his father’s death, a young boy hies his grief behind a superhero mask.

GET LUCKY 12′ Norma Burke 2012

A day in the life of the world’s unluckiest man.

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