Boys Don’t Cry 2016

On March 10th at 7 and 9 pm in Lviv Art Palace there’ll be a screening of short films about the magnificent part of the humanity – boys. The program is complete.

FATHER 25′ Data Pirtskhalava Georgia 2014

Lado is nineteen when his father comes back home unexpectedly after a very long absence. The young man tries desperately to get some answers from his parent, but in vain. When his father leaves again, Lado goes back to his life of crime, together with his younger brother. He is left to answer the questions their father would not hear.

SAMUEL – 613 16′ Billy Lumby UK 2015 

A 23-year-old Hasidic Jew struggles to come to terms with the tension of staying true to tradition, and life as a young man in modern Britain. 

LEMON 9′ Sam Benenati 2013 

A nine year old boy sees his dad having an affair. 

RINGTONE 15′ Andy Hui UK 2015

RinGtone is a comedy drama set in 1999 where the nokia 3210 is king! This is a funny nostalgic look back at youth when we are all in our first dead-end job and we are striving to be something special.

BUDDY 15′ Jan ROOSENS Raf ROOSENS Belgium 2015

Fré is a teenager stuck between his conservative, wealthy family and his lower-class friends.
He manages to keep the two worlds separated, until he falls in love…

EVEN COWBOYS GET TO CRY 20′ Mees Peijnenburg Netherlands 2013

Sven and Gijs are best mates. They do absolutely everything together, whether going clubbing or mucking about or simply pondering life. Their intimacy is such that one of them can even stroll blithely into a room where the other is having sex. In ten years’ time they plan to have travelled the length and breadth of South America on motorbikes. But all at once everything changes: Sven gets involved in a fight one night, Gijs tries to intervene and sustains a blow to the head which sends him into a coma. There’s no knowing if he’ll pull through and their friendship is tested to the limits.

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