Australian Short Films

October 24th at 7 and 9 pm @ Lviv Art Palace

CACKATOO 11’ Mathiew Jenkin Australia 2014

A man with a broken heart tries to relive his failed relationship by hiring a young actress to play his ex-girlfriend. If only she could get the accent right.

Dead Ideas 2’ Owen Trevor Australia 2013

The Film is about creative process.

Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray 3’ Steve Baker Australia 2013

I met a very interesting fellow recently. His name is Desmondo Ray, and this is his video dating tape

DON’T LOOK 4’ Nick Khoo Australia 2012

A morality tale of what happens to a young man when he simply cannot resist the temptation to simply take a look.

ROAD RAGE 2’ Nick Khoo Australia 2013

Dedicated to all those jerks who cut me off on the road. You know who you are…

PARIS LAKES 5′ Robert Stephenson Australia 2011

The new suburb of Paris Lakes satisfies the modern desire for easy living. An animated ‘advertisement’ that outlines the comforts and conveniences for a life where fulfillment is never enough

WELCOME TO IRON KNOB 21’ Dave Wade Australia 2013

After a young boy accidentally shoots a stranger with his fathers gun, it is left to the nonchalant townsfolk to cover it up as quickly as possible – so they can get back to doing whatever it was that they were doing before…

You Like It I Love It 17’ James Vaughan Australia 2013

Roberto and Chris chat to their neighbour, Tony, about his idea for  a sustainable music extravaganza to tour Australian primary schools.

WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE 6’ Truce Films 2013

Burdened with needing to raise $800 or face eviction from her home, an 8-month pregnant Jess continues to work at the local diner. When an old lady arrives for a late night supper, a connection is made that will impact the two in ways they both could never have imagined.

THIS FERAL LIFE 11′ Melissa Anastas Australia 2014

Mia wants to drink more. Dance more. Sleep more. But is there more to life than this?‘This Feral Life’ is a lyrical, meditative look at life, loss and longing in a small country Australian town.

THE OP SHOP 7′ Lee Rogers Australia 2011

It came in a box. No name. No job description. Just a strange donation that three women at an op shop were determined to sell for $3.50. But then…and then again…and once more…they unlock the mystery.

THE MAN WHO COULDN’T DREAM 15′ Kasimir Burgess & James Armstrong Australia 2012 

Samuel is 9 years old, he will be remembered as a thief, arsonist and a murderer.



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