Australia 2017

May 25, 7&9 pm, Lviv Art Palace

AUSTRALIA: about the courage to be yourself

UNSPOILED BY FEMINISM 11′ Michela Carattini Australia 2016

Frustrated by the dating scene, Nathan thinks he’s found the perfect match in Sonia, a Czech girl he’s met online, who claims she’s “unspoiled by feminism.” The tango ensues: gender performance and impossible expectations meet self-discovery and reality in this multi-layered romantic comedy.

TOUGH GUY 16′ Stavros Kourounis Australia 2016

Walking home one night after celebrating their engagement, Nick and Chelsea are attacked by two men. Chelsea tries to put the incident behind her and move on. Nick, on the other hand, can’t let it go.

MRS METRO 4′ Aggelos Papantoniou Australia 2015

Nobody likes a crying baby on board a train, least of all the lady who makes the announcements.

WISH YOU HERE 7′ Benjamin O’Donnell Australia 2016

A lonely zombie desperately craves company in a dead and empty world.

IN A CANE FIELD 16′ Emily Avila Australia 2016

In a beachside tourist town, the body of a 15-year-old girl is found in a cane field. Her murder is a mystery that envelops the community as those close to the girl grapple with death, in all its senselessness.

COMING HOME 5′ Summer Deroche Australia 2016

Zoe and Ellie were childhood friends who took separate paths after high school. Ellie, now 19 years old, returns home from a year abroad having transitioned to a male, Sam. Zoe nervously avoids him, but soon the barriers dissolve and their old friendship prevails.

ADELE 15′ Mirene Igwabi Australia 2016

In the face of an African family tradition imposed on her in Australia, fourteen-year-old Adele is torn between high school and home where she is a wife from an arranged marriage and a mother-to-be.

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