ASIA 2018

On May 10th at 7 and 9 pm in Lviv Art Palace (17 Kopernik str) we’ll watch the selection films from Asia.

Here you can find tickets.

WEDNESDAY PRAYER GROUP 26′ Inseon Kim South Korea 2016

Hera makes a living by selling cosmetics to different prayer groups. By chance, So-yeon, a stranger, helps Hera out of a sticky situation and, to thank her, Hera suggests a part-time job at the prayer group meeting that she attends on Wednesdays.

FEVER 9′ Celine Held Japan 2017

Four young people unknowingly walk toward a moment in their lives when a fever overtakes them, bringing out their most basic instincts.

DEATH OF THE SOUND MAN 15′ Sorayos Prapapan Thailand 2017

Two sound recordists are working on a film. They realize that, just as the Thai government never listens to its citizens, the audience doesn’t care about the sound they work on.

KAMPUNG TAPIR 17′ See Wee Aw  Malaysia 2017

One Sunday afternoon, migrant worker Anne and her husband leave their five-year-old daughter in Kampung Tapir, Malaysia. While trying to choose a country to settle down in, Anne finds that she is like the endangered Malayan tapir, still drifting around in search of a better life.

FOREN 9′ Sushma Khadepaun India 2017 

On a hot summer afternoon, Tanu and her Grandma inquire of a world outside the bounds of their home.

SIGNATURE Kei Chikaura Japan 2017

An innocent young man from China is anxiously memorizing “his hope” in the middle of the noisy crowd in Shibuya, Tokyo. Something that might change his destiny awaits him.


MAYA 15′ Veemsen Lama Nepal 2015


Maya, Bikram and Kancha suddenly find themselves trapped in the heart of Kathmandu. Vulnerable, penniless and alone, they are forced to live their life on the streets with only hopes and dreams of happiness.

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