ASIA 2017

For us – exotic and unique for them – close and special. The land where the inner zen is strangely combined with storms and disasters. MovieInsiders from Asia will open their bright and exiting world, where familiar to us logic collapses completely and opens new perspectives on reality.

April 13, 7&9 pm, Lviv Art Palace

tickets online or at CoMMuna cafe


BARGAIN 15′ LEE Chung-hyun South Korea 2015

A man and a virgin school girl get together to have a sexual relationship. He continually bargains a ransom for her.

BIRTH PERMIT 17′ Yu Zhang China 2016

He Zhen, a public officer, remarries to a stranger for a birth permit for her second child. Getting through all the red tape turns out to be very difficult. The end of the one-child policy does not solve the problem, and the crisis between the couple has only just begun.

SUPOT 13′ Philip Giordano Philippines 2016

After refusing a ritual circumcision intended to usher him into manhood, Rene-boy tries alternate methods to remove this mark of cowardice.

RELATIONSHIPS 3′ Ching-Yu Yang Taiwan 2015

Stories of their intertwining relationships.

THE DOLL’S FUNERAL 11′ Arnaud Galent Nepal 2016

A Nepalese mother mourns her daughter who disappeared during the armed conflict in Nepal (1996-2006). With her family, she performs the last rites.

COIN BOY 24′ Chuan-Yang Li Taiwan 2016

Tai is a fourth-grade student whose family owns a claw machine business. He often travels with his father to help with the replenishment and coin collecting from the claw machines.

THE CHOSEN GENERATION 3′ Ariel Victor Indonesia 2016

A young woman broadcasts an invite to hop on a bus and skip town, to a number of youngsters living in an abandoned city, who are hugely occupied by the love of technology and internet habits. With little time before departure, only some makes it to the bus. The others are not so fortunate.

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