Absolute Love 2016

February 25th at 7 and 9 pm in Lviv Art Palace

DINNER AND A MOVIE 15` Ben Aston UK 2013

A heartwarming dramady about love, life and prison dating websites… Lovestruck Randy is thrilled when his prison pen pal Crystal is finally released and they can meet in person, but is woefully unprepared for the hard truths (among other things) she brings along with her to their date.


Love is Blind finds Alice in the passionate embrace of a young lover, as she finally succumbs to temptation. When her husband James returns home early to try and make amends for his recent infidelity and inattention for their marriage, Alice finds herself in the midst of an emotional minefield.

12 YEARS 4′ Thomas Meyer-Hermann Germany 2010

For twelve years she ignored sneers and mockery and stood up for her relationship. But that was probably a mistake.

THE LAST GIRL 13′ Bjarke de Koning Denmark 2015

Life is not the same after a holiday with Jesper, and there is no avoiding the truth now.

DARIO 15′ Hannah Moon Australia 2014

Megan’s got what she thought she wanted – a hot surfer boyfriend and a chance to reinvent herself over the summer. But who’s the weird kid who keeps crashing her party? And how long can she get away with ignoring him?


EDITH & ALJOSJA 8′ Ann Holmgren Norway 2015

A woman and a man, a river keeps them separated. They have to break the laws of nature to come close to each other. A simple story about love that defies cultural differences.

AMY 14` Jacob Chase USA 2014

A pair of ex-lovers spend a spontaneous afternoon together that could either lead to rekindled love or further heartbreak.

SKINLESS 6′ Marius Myrmel Norway 2015

Love takes a beating in this tale of domestic abuse perpetrated by the supposedly fairer sex.

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