Festival Wiz-Art 2017. What is SIORY OF LYFE?

And here is the time when we are ready to introduce you to the poster and the concept of this year’s festival.

The short film is characterized by the dynamics of thought, the speed of reactions, courage in the statements and relevance.
These are the films without budgets and with budgets, from rich countries and from countries where people suffer from hunger. But above all, these are the films with an author’s glance and a desire to say something to the world.
We are trying to find those films and want to watch them with you. During the festival at 15 film screenings, we will see more than 100 films carefully selected from around 1000 submitted works. You can find the program here. With us you will get a unique opportunity to communicate with international and Ukrainian guests of the festival, learn, share, live 5 unforgettable days during Wiz-Art Lab, dance at parties and think together about the challenges facing a person in the modern world. We are used to theorizing it, but it is not accepted to speak about it.

The slogan of this year’s festival is a phrase from two words – SIORY OF LYFE.

Wrong writing that alliterates, we want to emphasize on the surface of the perception of the world, in which we are used to looking for simple recipes for happiness, about trying to go in place of being.
We know that the right answers are never simple, and together with you, we are looking for a complex and multifaceted point of view and touch. We appeal to all those who wish to stay with us for 5 days, not for the sake of the sefies posted in the instagram, but for the sake of intimacy with each other, for the sake of live communication with films and people, for the sake of true revelation, which is so lacking in the world of technological progress and declarations, bur never practiced values. Discussions with our experts will take play a special role at this year’s festival.
The theory of life is like a clear instruction, which we are waiting to be sure to succeed, to become happy and cool as in commercials. Therefore, the absurdist domestic mistake “the thorium of life” has such an urgency and contradictions, “- Olha Marusyn, author of the poster’s design.
LISFF Wiz-Art 2017 poster_RGB
These are the ways in which we increasingly face each other, pardoned by their representation, we lose face and become alien and lonely. Who are you today and how do you interact with this world? Some of this slogan arose when I was riding a daily train in Chernivtsi-Lviv and ran into a 40-45 years old bold man. He returned from the mountains and in a society of noisy children and a friend who was literally reading a book on success. It gave me such a desperate impression that I could not forget about it for a few days. It seems to me that many people now feel lost and therefore look for their answers in motivational books-instructions on joy, frenzied success or shattering fable (and the is never an average), or how the junk that should be thrown out, or how the work must be taken like.
It seems to me that the answer to the question of life is much more complicated than writing these therapeutic books and looking for it in the common sense of art and living together in this life. Perhaps this is also my personal nostalgia for an analogy of childhood and the desire to be more and more offline. I hope that we will at least talk about this in the search of the THEORY, “- Olha Reiter, director of the festival.
Tickets for the festival can be purchased online or offline at the address Halytska, 1 (Communa)

Ticket for one day – 150 UAH.
1 movie screening – 50 UAH.
Official partners of the festival:
Lviv Palace of Art, Lviv City Council, Ukrainian State Film Agency, Lviv Film Center.

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