Our History

Wiz-Art began with the dream of a group of friends to be able to watch meaningful and interesting movies legally on the big screen. First, they created a festival of the same name, which has been held in Lviv every year since 2008. Later, regular film screenings, Wiz-Art Film School, film production (28 films in 5 years), screenings at European festivals, Days of Ukrainian Cinema were added. And in 2020 – the distribution base of Ukrainian Short Films and online cinema Big Short.


The main goal of Wiz-Art is to develop the Ukrainian film industry and promote it abroad, and at the same time present high – quality films from all over the world to viewers in Ukraine. The films that we show and support depict the current state of thoughts and ideas in the world and are a response to socio-cultural and political challenges. We believe that through culture, it is possible to achieve tangible progress of society towards tolerance, mutual understanding and mutual respect.

Latest News

Urban Jungle / open air

We are so different and so similar at the same time. Every day we hurry somewhere, wander the streets, call relatives and report the consequences of the totalitarian past. On …

14th LISFF Wiz-Art’21 is cancelled

This is the poster of the 14th Wiz-Art Lviv International Short Film Festival. Since October 2020, our team has been preparing it for July 2021 with the slogan “Back to …